Facebook Bug Bounty Program to Counter Possible Online Hacking Attacks

Online hacking was perhaps the very last thing on anybody’s mind when Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the actual Facebook Timeline during the annual Facebook f Conference, announcing it as an new autobiographical way of presenting your Facebook shared your life. It would thus come as a small surprise to many exactly what Facebook is doing to secure that. In nowadays of high penetration of office automation and requirement of information, online hacking is an oftused weapon that has been used to bring companies towards their knees many a times.

Facebook is using it for good, which really goes to show how the weapon isn’t good or bad, it’s who wields it. The concept of hiring ethical hackers to beef up security against online hacking wasn’t invented by Facebook. However, with the scale on which they’re pursuing this line of action is certainly on track to turn the majorityheld negative perception of online hacking on its crown. While Facebook has primarily been a programmer driven company looking to work with the most brilliant coders, Facebook staff have long had ‘hackathon’ to find new ways of breaking Facebook’s security measures by online hacking techniques.

Considering Zuckerberg’s own perception of himself as a hacker, it shouldn’t come across as much of a surprise that Facebook has often been stated as being ‘run by hackers’, albeit in a humorous problematic vein. So what’ mobile legends diamonds , Facebook are not only hiring coders who can hack. They’ve actually declared an online hacking freeforall bounty hunting program calling out to freelance ethical hackers everywhere. Sounds very wild west, doesn’t it albeit the Hollywood sort where the good guys win and ride off into the sunset so much richer than they are.